Database 'DBTBS 1.0' (Transcription Factors 1-50)

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AbrBAbrB, ABRB_BACSUBacillus subtilis
AhrCAhrC, Arginine hydroxamate resistance protein, Arginine repressor, ARGR_BACSUBacillus subtilis
AraRAraR, ARAR_BACSUBacillus subtilis
BkdRBkdR, D4FYJ3_BACNABacillus subtilis
CcpACatabolite control protein A, CcpA, CCPA_BACME, Glucose-resistance amylase regulatorBacillus subtilis
Bacillus megaterium
CcpCCcpC, G4NVN1_BACPNBacillus subtilis
CitTCitT, CITT_BACSUBacillus subtilis
CodYCodY, CODY_BACSU, GTP-sensing transcriptional pleiotropic repressor CodY, VEG286B, Vegetative protein

Bacillus subtilis
ComACMPA_BACSU, ComA, Competence protein A, Transcriptional regulatory protein ComABacillus subtilis
ComKComK, E8VHF1_BACSTBacillus subtilis
CtsRClass three stress gene repressor, CtsR, CTSR_BACSU, Transcriptional regulator CtsRBacillus subtilis
DegUDegU, DEGU_BACSU, Protease production enhancer protein, Transcriptional regulatory protein DegUBacillus subtilis
DnaADnaA, DNAA_BACSUBacillus subtilis
FNREC, Fd-NADP(+, FENR2_BACSU, Ferredoxin--NADP reductase 2, FNR, FNR 2Bacillus subtilis
E8VEW5_BACST, Fur, G4P2G2_BACIU, PerRBacillus subtilis
GerEGerE, GERE_BACSUBacillus subtilis
GlnRGlnR, GLNR_BACSUBacillus subtilis
GlpPGlpP, GLPP_BACSUBacillus subtilis
GltCGltC, GLTC_BACSUBacillus subtilis
GltRGltR, GLTR_BACSUBacillus subtilis
HprEC 2.7.11.-, Histidine-containing protein, Hpr, Phosphocarrier protein HPr, PTHP_BACSUBacillus subtilis
HrcAHrcA, HRCA_BACSUBacillus subtilis
IolRIolR, IOLR_BACSUBacillus subtilis
LevREC 2.7.1.-, LevR, LEVR_BACSU, Putative PTS system EIIA component, Transcriptional

Bacillus subtilis
LexAEC, LexA, LexA repressor, LEXA_BACSU, SOS regulatory protein DinRBacillus subtilis
LicTLicT, LICT_BACSUBacillus subtilis
LmrALmrA, LMRA_BACSUBacillus subtilis
MntRManganese transport regulator, MntR, MNTR_BACSU, Transcriptional regulator MntRBacillus subtilis
MtaHTH-type transcriptional activator mta, Mta, MTA_BACSU, Multidrug transporter activation proteinBacillus subtilis
MtrBMtrB, MTRB_BACSU, Transcription attenuation protein MtrB, TRAP, Trp RNA-binding attenuation

Bacillus subtilis
PhoPPhoP, PHOP_BACSUBacillus subtilis
PucRADER_BACSU, PucR, PucR-type transcriptional activator AdeR, Transcriptional activator AdeRBacillus subtilis
PurRPurR, PURR_BACSUBacillus subtilis
PyrRBifunctional protein PyrR [Includes: Pyrimidine operon regulatory protein, EC,

Bacillus subtilis
ResDResD, RESD_BACSUBacillus subtilis
RocRRocR, ROCR_BACSUBacillus subtilis
SacTSacT, SACT_BACSUBacillus subtilis
SacYEC, Negative regulator of SacY activity, PTS system EIIB

Bacillus subtilis
SigARNA polymerase sigma factor RpoD, RPOD_BACSU, SigA, Sigma-43, Sigma-ABacillus subtilis
SigBRSBQ_BACSU, SigBBacillus subtilis
SigDRNA polymerase sigma-D factor, RPSD_BACSU, SigD, Sigma-28Bacillus subtilis
SigEP31, RNA polymerase sigma-E factor, RPSE_BACSU, SigE, Sigma-29, Stage II

Bacillus subtilis
SigFRNA polymerase sigma-F factor, RPSF_BACSU, SigF, Sporulation sigma factor, Stage

Bacillus subtilis
SigGRNA polymerase sigma-G factor, RPSG_BACSU, SigG, Stage III sporulation protein

Bacillus subtilis
SigHRNA polymerase sigma-H factor, RPSH_BACSU, SigH, Sigma-30, Stage 0 sporulation

Bacillus subtilis
SigKE8VDS6_BACST, SigKBacillus subtilis
SigLHst23, Putative sigma-54 modulation protein, SigL, SigL modulation protein, YVYD_BACSUBacillus subtilis
SigMSigM, SIGM_BACSUBacillus subtilis
SigWRNA polymerase sigma factor SigW, Sigma-W factor, SigW, SIGW_BACSUBacillus subtilis


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