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AccessionsNamesOrganismsDescription and notes
ECK120004502Ada, Ada DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12The transcription factor Ada, for Adaptive response to alkylation damage,

ECK120008623AgaR, AgaR DNA-binding transcriptional repressorECK12N-acetylgalactosamine repressor, AgaR, negatively controls the expression of the aga

ECK120004526AraCECK12The arabinose regulator, AraC, is a transcription factor that regulates

ECK120004533ArcA, ArcA transcriptional dual regulatorECK12other (mechanical, nutritional, oxidative stress); transcription repressor activity; repressor; operon;

ECK120004959ArgP, ArgP transcriptional activatorECK12DNA replication; cytoplasm; Transcription related; activator; operon; bent DNA binding;

ECK120004542ArgRECK12Transcription related; arginine; activator; repressor; cytoplasm; transcription, DNA-dependent; arginine biosynthetic

ECK120004559AscG, AscG DNA-binding transcriptional repressorECK12The AscG, Arbutin-salicin-cellibiose, transcriptional regulator represses the expression of a

ECK120004565AsnCECK12cytoplasm; regulon; positive regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent; negative regulation of

ECK120006042BaeR, BaeR transcriptional regulatorECK12intracellular signal transduction; intracellular; regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent; transcription, DNA-dependent;

ECK120007182CaiFECK12unassigned reversible reactions; Transcription related; sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor

ECK120004493CpxR, CpxR transcriptional dual regulatorECK12specific transcriptional repressor activity; negative regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent; sequence-specific

ECK120004808Cra, Cra DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12transcription, DNA-dependent; glycolysis; DNA binding; sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor

ECK120004636CRP, CRP transcriptional dual regulatorECK12global; cytoplasm; Transcription related; repressor; zinc ion binding; regulation of

ECK120007601CsgD, CsgD DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12The protein CsgD, for Curlin subunit gene D, is a

ECK120004655CysBECK12The transcription factor CysB, for Cysteine B, is negatively autoregulated

ECK120004670CytRECK12nucleotide and nucleoside conversions; cytoplasm; repressor; activator; regulon; regulation of

ECK120006834DanECK12transcription repressor activity; Transcription related; sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor

ECK120008762DcuR, DcuR transcriptional activatorECK12two-component signal transduction system (phosphorelay); two-component response regulator activity; transcription,

ECK120004693DeoR, DeoR DNA-binding transcriptional repressorECK12The transcriptional repressor DeoR, for Deoxyribose Regulator, is involved in

ECK120007897DgsA, DgsA DNA-binding transcriptional repressorECK12DgsA, better known as Mlc, makes large colonies, Hosono K,1995is

ECK120004705chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaA, DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator, DnaAECK12DnaA is the linchpin element in the initiation of DNA

ECK120006033EvgA, EvgA transcriptional regulatorECK12two component regulatory systems (external signal); activator; Transcription related; cytoplasm;

ECK120006852ExuR, ExuR DNA-binding transcriptional repressorECK12The Exuronate repressor,ExuR, is a DNA-binding transcription factor that negatively

ECK120004751FadR, FadR DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12FadR Fatty acid degradation Regulon Overath P,1969 is a multifunctional

ECK120004771FhlA, FhlA transcriptional activatorECK12transcription factor binding; regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent; intracellular; ATP binding;

ECK120004787FisECK12DNA recombination; nucleoproteins, basic proteins; activator; Transcription related; repressor; cytoplasm;

ECK120004790FlhDCECK12flagellum assembly; transcription, DNA-dependent; cytoplasm; flagellum; Transcription related; activator; operon;

ECK120004795FNRECK12Transcription related; repressor; activator; global; anaerobic respiration; cytoplasm; response to

ECK120004828FurECK12repressor; regulon; activator; Transcription related; cytoplasm; zinc ion binding; sequence-specific

ECK120005974GadE, GadE DNA-binding transcriptional activatorECK12The transcriptional activator GadE, for Glutamic acid decarboxylase, is positively

ECK120006601GadW, GadW DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12The transcription factor GadW, for Glutamic acid decarboxylase, is negatively

ECK120006602GadX, GadX DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12The transcriptional activator GadX, for Glutamic acid decarboxylase, is positively

ECK120004833GalR, GalR DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12The Galactose repressor, GalR, is a DNA-binding transcription factor that

ECK120004834GalS, GalS DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12The Galactose isorepressor, GalS, is a DNA-binding transcription factor that

ECK120006205GcvA, GcvA DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12Glycine cleavage A, GcvA, is a repressor of the glycine

ECK120004869GlpR, GlpR DNA-binding transcriptional repressorECK12The sn-Glycerol-3-phosphate repressor,GlpR, acts as the repressor of the glycerol-3-phosphate

ECK120006817GntR, GntR DNA-binding transcriptional repressorECK12The Gluconate repressor,GntR, is a transcription factor that negatively regulates

ECK120004911HipBECK12sequence-specific DNA binding; cytoplasm; Transcription related; repressor; transcription, DNA-dependent; transcription

ECK120004926H-NS DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator, HNSECK12The H-NS protein, for Histone-like nucleoid structuring protein, is a

ECK120004960IclR, IclR transcriptional repressorECK12The transcription factor IclR, for Isocitrate lyase Regulator, is negatively

ECK120004910IHF, integration host factor (IHF), &beta, subunitECK12The protein family is HI-HN-S; conjugation; cytoplasm; DNA recombination; transcription,

ECK120008346IscR, IscR DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12The transcription factor IscR, for Iron-sulfur cluster Regulator, is negatively

ECK120005000LeuO, LeuO DNA-binding transcriptional dual activatorECK12LeuO is a dual transcriptional regulator that regulates genes involved

ECK120005002LexAECK12SOS response; transcription, DNA-dependent; repressor; regulon; Transcription related; cytoplasm; transcriptionally

ECK120005016Lrp, Lrp transcriptional dual regulatorECK12Lrp, Leucine-responsive regulatory protein, is a dual transcriptional regulator for

ECK120005031MalT, MalT transcriptional activatorECK12cytoplasm; nucleotide binding; operon; activator; Transcription related; intracellular signal transduction;

ECK120005874MarA, MarA DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12MarA, multiple antibiotic resistance Cohen SP,1993 participates in controlling several

ECK120005684MelR, MelR DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulatorECK12carbon compounds; operon; activator; Transcription related; cytoplasm; transcription, DNA-dependent; sequence-specific

ECK120005057MetJ, MetJ transcriptional repressorECK12methionine; cytoplasm; transcription, DNA-dependent; methionine biosynthetic process; DNA binding; sequence-specific


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