Database 'EEADannot 2018-09-22' (Transcription Factors 1-50)

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AccessionsNamesOrganismsDescription and notes
ForkheadJ3AAI51829.1, Forkhead J3Homo sapiensfamily:Forkhead
BdTHX1Bradi1g77610Brachypodium distachyonfamily:Trihelix
EREBP2EREBP2, ERF99, OsEREBP2Oryza sativafamily:AP2/ERF
EREBP1EREBP1, ERF1_ORYSJ, Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 1, OsEREBP1, Q6K7E6, Q9SE28Oryza sativafamily:AP2/ERF
LEAFYLEAFY, LEAFY3, LFY, LFY_ARATH, LFY3Arabidopsis thalianafamily:Floricaula/leafy
MYB31MYB31, Q9CA52_ARATHArabidopsis thalianafamily:R2R3-MYB
NACNAC, NAM, No apical meristem domain-containing transcriptional regulator, Q9LSI4_ARATHArabidopsis thalianafamily:NAC
ForkheadO3Forkhead O3, NP_001446.1Homo sapiensfamily:Forkhead
ForkheadK2Forkhead K2, NP_004505.2Homo sapiensfamily:Forkhead
StCONSTANSlike1CONSTANS, PGSC0003DMP400017796, StCOL1Solanum tuberosumfamily:CONSTANS-like
VRN1BM5A, HvBM5A, Vernalization1, VRN-H1, VRN1Hordeum vulgare cv Striderfamily:MADS-box
CONSTANSBBX1, CONS_ARATH, Q39057, Zinc finger protein CONSTANSArabidopsis thalianafamily:CONSTANS-like
unknown transcription factorFundulus heteroclitus


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