Database 'EEADannot 2018-09-22' (DNA Binding Sites 1-50)

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CONS1_1TGTGtgATGArabidopsis thaliana
CONS2_1TGTGgttATGArabidopsis thaliana
gAGCCGCCaOryza sativa
gAGCAGGCaOryza sativa
MYB31_1cacctAACCACCtaacArabidopsis thaliana
MYB31_2accacAACCACCacaaccArabidopsis thaliana
NAC_1TCTCCGGCAGcArabidopsis thaliana
NAC_2TCTCCTCCACArabidopsis thaliana
ORE_1gGGAAAAGctFundulus heteroclitus
ORE_2cGGAAAAGtaFundulus heteroclitus
StCONSTANSlike1_1TTGTGGTGSolanum tuberosum
StCONSTANSlike1_2GTTGTGGTSolanum tuberosum
StCONSTANSlike1_3TGTGGTGASolanum tuberosum
StCONSTANSlike1_4TGTGGTGTSolanum tuberosum
StCONSTANSlike1_5GTGTGGTGSolanum tuberosum
StCONSTANSlike1_6TTGTGGTCSolanum tuberosum


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