Database 'JASPAR 2018' (Transcription Factors 401-450)

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P41161ETS translocation variant 5, Ets-related protein ERM, ETV5_HUMANHomo sapiens
P41212ETS translocation variant 6, ETS-related protein Tel1, ETV6_HUMAN, Transcription factor

Homo sapiens
P06602EVE_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
P49640EVX-1, EVX1_HUMAN, Homeobox even-skipped homolog protein 1Homo sapiens
P23683EVX-1, EVX1_MOUSE, Homeobox even-skipped homolog protein 1Mus musculus
Q03828EVX-2, EVX2_HUMAN, Homeobox even-skipped homolog protein 2Homo sapiens
P49749EVX-2, EVX2_MOUSE, Homeobox even-skipped homolog protein 2Mus musculus
P40427Dpbx, EXD_DROME, Homeobox protein extradenticleDrosophila melanogaster
F1JVV8F1JVV8_HUMANHomo sapiens
F1NCE0F1NCE0_CHICKGallus gallus
F1NSH4F1NSH4_CHICKGallus gallus
F4HQG9F4HQG9_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9SWG3FAR1_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q84JK2AtbZIP14, bZIP transcription factor 14, FD_ARATH, Protein FDPhaeodactylum tricornutum
Q99581FEV_HUMAN, Fifth Ewing variant protein, PC12 ETS domain-containing transcription factor

Homo sapiens
P39521FHL1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q9LIE5FHY3_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q6QHK4bHLHc8, Class C basic helix-loop-helix protein 8, Factor in the

Homo sapiens
P14734FKH_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
P40466FKH1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P41813FKH2_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q01543FLI1_HUMAN, Friend leukemia integration 1 transcription factor, Proto-oncogene Fli-1, Transcription

Homo sapiens
P01100Cellular oncogene fos, FOS_HUMAN, G0/G1 switch regulatory protein 7, Proto-oncogene

Homo sapiens
P01101Cellular oncogene fos, FOS_MOUSE, Proto-oncogene c-FosMus musculus
P15407Fos-related antigen 1, FOSL1_HUMAN, FRA-1Homo sapiens
P15408Fos-related antigen 2, FOSL2_HUMAN, FRA-2Homo sapiens
P55317Forkhead box protein A1, FOXA1_HUMAN, Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3-alpha, HNF-3-alpha,

Homo sapiens
P35583Forkhead box protein A2, FOXA2_MOUSE, Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3-beta, HNF-3-beta,

Mus musculus
P32182Forkhead box protein A2, FOXA2_RAT, Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3-beta, HNF-3-beta,

Rattus norvegicus
Q99853Forkhead box protein B1, FOXB1_HUMAN, Transcription factor FKH-5Homo sapiens
Q12948Forkhead box protein C1, Forkhead-related protein FKHL7, Forkhead-related transcription factor

Homo sapiens
Q99958Forkhead box protein C2, Forkhead-related protein FKHL14, FOXC2_HUMAN, Mesenchyme fork

Homo sapiens
Q16676Forkhead box protein D1, Forkhead-related protein FKHL8, Forkhead-related transcription factor

Homo sapiens
O60548Forkhead box protein D2, Forkhead-related protein FKHL17, Forkhead-related transcription factor

Homo sapiens
Q63245Forkhead box protein D3, FOXD3_RAT, Fragment, Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3

Rattus norvegicus
Q12947Forkhead box protein F2, Forkhead-related activator 2, Forkhead-related protein FKHL6,

Homo sapiens
P55316BF-1, BF-2, BF1, BF2, Brain factor 1, Brain factor 2,

Homo sapiens
O75593Fast-1, Fast-2, Forkhead activin signal transducer 1, Forkhead activin signal

Homo sapiens
Q12951Forkhead box protein I1, Forkhead-related protein FKHL10, Forkhead-related transcription factor

Homo sapiens
Q61660Forkhead box protein J1, FOXJ1_MOUSE, Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3 forkhead

Mus musculus
Q9ES18Fork head homologous X, Forkhead box protein J2, FOXJ2_MOUSEMus musculus
Q8BUR3FOXJ3_MOUSEMus musculus
P85037Forkhead box protein K1, FOXK1_HUMAN, MNF, Myocyte nuclear factorHomo sapiens
P42128Forkhead box protein K1, FOXK1_MOUSE, MNF, Myocyte nuclear factorMus musculus
Q01167Cellular transcription factor ILF-1, Forkhead box protein K2, FOXK1, FOXK2_HUMAN,

Homo sapiens
Q12952Forkhead box protein L1, Forkhead-related protein FKHL11, Forkhead-related transcription factor

Homo sapiens
Q64731Forkhead box protein L1, Forkhead-related protein FKHL11, FOXL1_MOUSE, Transcription factor

Mus musculus
Q9R1E0Forkhead box protein O1, Forkhead box protein O1A, Forkhead in

Mus musculus
O43524AF6q21 protein, Forkhead box protein O3, Forkhead in rhabdomyosarcoma-like 1,

Homo sapiens
P98177Fork head domain transcription factor AFX1, Forkhead box protein O4,

Homo sapiens


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