Database 'JASPAR 2018' (Transcription Factors 251-300)

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P21705DAL82_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q10586Albumin D box-binding protein, Albumin D-element-binding protein, D site-binding protein,

Homo sapiens
P52950DBX1_MOUSE, Developing brain homeobox protein 1, Homeobox protein DBX1Mus musculus
Q24180DEAF1_DROME, Deformed epidermal autoregulatory factor 1, Protein DEAF-1Drosophila melanogaster
P07548DFD_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
Q24533DICH_DROME, Protein fish-hook, SOX domain-containing protein dichaeteDrosophila melanogaster
P20009DLL_DROME, Homeotic protein distal-less, Protein bristaDrosophila melanogaster
Q64317DLX1_MOUSEMus musculus
P40764DLX2_MOUSE, Homeobox protein DLX-2, Homeobox protein TES-1Mus musculus
Q64205DLX3_MOUSEMus musculus
P70436DLX4_MOUSE, Homeobox protein DLX-4, Homeobox protein DLX-7Mus musculus
P70396DLX5_MOUSEMus musculus
P56179DLX6_HUMANHomo sapiens
Q91ZK4Diencephalon/mesencephalon homeobox protein 1, Diencephalon/mesencephalon-expressed brain homeobox gene 1 protein,

Mus musculus
Q9NQL9DMRT3_HUMANHomo sapiens
P68350AtDOF1.5, Dof zinc finger protein DOF1.5, DOF15_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9SX97AtDOF1.6, Dof zinc finger protein DOF1.6, DOF16_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
O82155AtDOF1.7, Dof zinc finger protein DOF1.7, DOF17_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q84JQ8AtDOF1.8, Dof zinc finger protein DOF1.8, DOF18_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9ZV33AtDOF2.2, Dof zinc finger protein DOF2.2, DOF22_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
O80928AtDOF2.4, Dof zinc finger protein DOF2.4, DOF24_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9ZPY0AtDOF2.5, Dof affecting germination 2, Dof zinc finger protein DOF2.5,

Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9M1E6AtDOF3.2, Dof zinc finger protein DOF3.2, DOF32_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q39088AtDOF3.4, Dof zinc finger protein DOF3.4, DOF34_ARATH, OBF-binding protein 1Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9SVC5AtDOF3.5, Dof zinc finger protein DOF3.5, DOF35_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9M2U1AtDOF3.6, Dof zinc finger protein DOF3.6, DOF36_ARATH, OBF-binding protein 3Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9SUB1AtDOF4.2, Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.2, DOF42_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
O49550AtDOF4.5, Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.5, DOF45_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9LZ56AtDOF5.1, Dof zinc finger protein DOF5.1, DOF51_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q84TE9AtDOF5.3, Dof zinc finger protein DOF5.3, DOF53_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q8LDR0AtDOF5.4, Dof zinc finger protein DOF5.4, DOF54_ARATH, OBF-binding protein 4Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9FM03AtDOF5.6, Dof zinc finger protein DOF5.6, DOF56_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9LSL6AtDOF5.7, Dof zinc finger protein DOF5.7, DOF57_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9FGD6AtDOF5.8, Dof zinc finger protein DOF5.8, DOF58_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
P15330DORS_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
P40059Disrupter of telomere silencing protein 6, DOT6_YEAST, PAC-binding factor 2,

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
P48996Chromosome condensation protein dpy-27, DPY27_CAEEL, Protein dumpy-27Caenorhabditis elegans
Q9M0L0C-repeat-binding factor 3, C-repeat/dehydration-responsive element-binding factor 3, Cold resistance-related AP2

Arabidopsis thaliana
P93835C-repeat-binding factor 1, C-repeat/dehydration-responsive element-binding factor 1, CRT/DRE-binding factor 1,

Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9SYS6C-repeat-binding factor 2, C-repeat/dehydration-responsive element-binding factor 2, CRT/DRE-binding factor 2,

Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9FJ93C-repeat-binding factor 4, C-repeat/dehydration-responsive element-binding factor 4, CRT/DRE-binding factor 4,

Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9SGJ6Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1E, DRE1E_ARATH, Protein DREB1EArabidopsis lyrata
Arabidopsis thaliana
Q6EP77Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 1G, DRE1G_ORYSJ, Protein DREB1GOryza sativa
Oryza sativa Japonica Group
Q8LFR2Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2C, DRE2C_ARATH, Protein DREB2CArabidopsis thaliana
Q9LQZ2Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2D, DRE2D_ARATH, Protein DREB2DArabidopsis thaliana
O80917Dehydration response element-binding protein 19, Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2E, DRE2E_ARATH,

Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9SVX5Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2F, DRE2F_ARATH, Protein DREB2FArabidopsis thaliana
P61827Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2G, DRE2G_ARATH, Protein DREB2GArabidopsis thaliana
Q9UBX2Double homeobox protein 10, Double homeobox protein 4, DUX4_HUMANHomo sapiens
A6NLW8DUXA_HUMANHomo sapiens


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