Database 'JASPAR 2018' (Transcription Factors 1301-1350)

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P50104STB4_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P38699STB5_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P13574STE12_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q00947STP1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P38704STP2_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q05937STP3_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q07351STP4_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P28159J kappa-recombination signal-binding protein, RBP-J kappa, SUH_DROME, Suppressor of hairless

Drosophila melanogaster
Q06330CBF-1, J kappa-recombination signal-binding protein, RBP-J kappa, RBP-JK, Recombining binding

Homo sapiens
P08970SUHW_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
P46676SUM1_YEAST, SUM1-1 protein, Suppressor of mar1-1 proteinSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P53032SUT1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q12286SUT2_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q9FVC1MADS-box protein SVP, Protein SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE, SVP_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
P25302Cell-cycle box factor subunit SWI4, Protein ART1, Regulatory protein SWI4,

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
P08153SWI5_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P09959Cell-cycle box factor subunit SWI6, MBF subunit P90, Regulatory protein

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
P17542bHLHa17, Class A basic helix-loop-helix protein 17, Stem cell protein,

Homo sapiens
P22091Stem cell protein, T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia protein 1 homolog,

Mus musculus
Q02457Protein TBF1, TBF-alpha, TBF1_YEAST, TTAGGG repeat-binding factor 1Saccharomyces cerevisiae
P20226TATA sequence-binding protein, TATA-binding factor, TATA-box factor, TATA-box-binding protein, TBP_HUMAN,

Homo sapiens
P29037TATA sequence-binding protein, TATA-binding factor, TATA-box factor, TATA-box-binding protein, TBP_MOUSE,

Mus musculus
P13393TATA sequence-binding protein, TATA-binding factor, TATA-box factor, TATA-box-binding protein, TBP_YEAST,

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Q16650T-box brain protein 1, T-brain-1, TBR-1, TBR1_HUMAN, TES-56Homo sapiens
P38114TBS1_YEAST, Thiabendazole sensitive protein 1, Uncharacterized transcriptional regulatory protein TBS1Saccharomyces cerevisiae
O43435T-box protein 1, T-box transcription factor TBX1, TBX1_HUMAN, Testis-specific T-box

Homo sapiens
Q96SF7T-box protein 14, T-box protein 15, T-box transcription factor TBX14,

Homo sapiens
O60806T-box factor, pituitary, T-box protein 19, T-box transcription factor TBX19,

Homo sapiens
Q13207T-box protein 2, T-box transcription factor TBX2, TBX2_HUMANHomo sapiens
Q9UMR3T-box protein 20, T-box transcription factor TBX20, TBX20_HUMANHomo sapiens
Q9UL17T-box protein 21, T-box transcription factor TBX21, T-cell-specific T-box transcription

Homo sapiens
P57082T-box protein 4, T-box transcription factor TBX4, TBX4_HUMANHomo sapiens
Q99593T-box protein 5, T-box transcription factor TBX5, TBX5_HUMANHomo sapiens
O35437Capsulin, Epicardin, Pod-1, Podocyte-expressed 1, TCF-21, TCF21_MOUSE, Transcription factor 21Mus musculus
Q00417T-cell factor 1, T-cell-specific transcription factor 1, TCF-1, TCF-7, TCF7_MOUSE,

Mus musculus
Q9FYG7TCP1_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9S7W5Plastid transcription factor 1, TCP13_ARATH, TFPD, Transcription factor TCP13Arabidopsis thaliana
Q93Z00TCP14_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9C9L2TCP15_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9M1U4TCP16_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9LEZ9TCP17_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9LT89TCP19_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana

Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9LSD5TCP20_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9FTA2Protein CCA1 HIKING EXPEDITION, Protein CHE, TCP21_ARATH, Transcription factor TCP21Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9C7G4TCP22_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9LQF0TCP23_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9C758TCP24_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9MAH8TCP3_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q8LPR5Protein MATERNAL EFFECT EMBRYO ARREST 35, TCP4_ARATH, Transcription factor TCP4Arabidopsis thaliana


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