Database 'JASPAR 2018' (Transcription Factors 1151-1200)

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Neural-restrictive silencer factor, RE1-silencing transcription factor, REST_HUMAN, X2 box repressorHomo sapiens
P48377MHC class II regulatory factor RFX1, Regulatory factor X 1,

Mus musculus
P48743RFX1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P48378DNA-binding protein RFX2, Regulatory factor X 2, RFX2_HUMANHomo sapiens
P48380Regulatory factor X 3, RFX3_HUMAN, Transcription factor RFX3Homo sapiens
P48381Regulatory factor X 3, RFX3_MOUSE, Transcription factor RFX3Mus musculus
Q33E94Regulatory factor X 4, RFX4_HUMAN, Testis development protein NYD-SP10, Transcription

Homo sapiens
Q8HWA6Regulatory factor X 4, RFX4_MOUSE, Transcription factor RFX4Mus musculus
P48382DNA-binding protein RFX5, Regulatory factor X 5, RFX5_HUMANHomo sapiens
Q00453RGM1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P32862Glucose transport transcription regulator RGT1, Restores glucose transport protein 1,

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Q8NHV9Ovary-, testis- and epididymis-expressed gene protein, Paired-like homeobox protein PEPP-1,

Homo sapiens
Q12224RLM1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P32338RME1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P35398Nuclear receptor ROR-alpha, Nuclear receptor RZR-alpha, Nuclear receptor subfamily 1

Homo sapiens
Q92753Nuclear receptor ROR-beta, Nuclear receptor RZR-beta, Nuclear receptor subfamily 1

Homo sapiens
P51449Nuclear receptor ROR-gamma, Nuclear receptor RZR-gamma, Nuclear receptor subfamily 1

Homo sapiens
P10181ROUGH_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
P25042Heme-dependent repression factor, Hypoxic function repressor, Repressor ROX1, ROX1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P39956RPH1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q03465Nuclear protein SON1, Protein RPN4, RPN4_YEAST, Ubiquitin fusion degradation protein

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Q92766Finger protein in nuclear bodies, Raf-responsive zinc finger protein LZ321,

Homo sapiens
Q06639Chromatin structure-remodeling complex protein RSC3, Remodel the structure of chromatin

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
P38781Chromatin structure-remodeling complex protein RSC30, Remodel the structure of chromatin

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
P46974Respiration factor 2, RSF2_YEAST, Zinc finger protein ZMS1Saccharomyces cerevisiae
P38165RTG3_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q01196Acute myeloid leukemia 1 protein, CBF-alpha-2, Core-binding factor subunit alpha-2,

Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
Q13950Acute myeloid leukemia 3 protein, CBF-alpha-1, Core-binding factor subunit alpha-1,

Homo sapiens
Q13761Acute myeloid leukemia 2 protein, CBF-alpha-3, Core-binding factor subunit alpha-3,

Homo sapiens
F4KGY6RVE1_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q6R0G4Myb transcription factor LHY/CCA1-like 1, Protein REVEILLE 4, RVE4_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
C0SVG5RVE5_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q8H0W3RVE6_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
B3H5A8Early-phytochrome-responsive 1, MYB-related transcription factor EPR1, Protein REVEILLE 7, RVE7_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
F4J2J6RVE7L_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q8RWU3MYB-like transcription factor, Protein LHY-CCA1-like 5, Protein REVEILLE 8, RVE8_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9W2Q1DRx, DRx1, Retinal homeobox protein Rx, RX_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
Q9Y2V3Retina and anterior neural fold homeobox protein, Retinal homeobox protein

Homo sapiens
O35602Retina and anterior neural fold homeobox protein, Retinal homeobox protein

Mus musculus
P19793Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group B member 1, Retinoic acid

Homo sapiens
P28700Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group B member 1, Retinoic acid

Mus musculus
P28702Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group B member 2, Retinoic acid

Homo sapiens
P48443Nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group B member 3, Retinoic acid

Homo sapiens
P30052SCAL_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
P09077SCR_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
Q9BWW7hScrt, Scratch homolog 1 zinc finger protein, SCRT1_HUMAN, Transcriptional repressor

Homo sapiens
Q9NQ03Scratch homolog 2 zinc finger protein, SCRT2_HUMAN, Transcriptional repressor scratch

Homo sapiens
P29382Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL2, Developmental protein SEPALLATA 1, SEP1_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
O22456Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL9, Developmental protein SEPALLATA 3, SEP3_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
P20134Flocculation suppression protein, Protein SFL1, SFL1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae


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