Database 'JASPAR 2018' (Transcription Factors 1-50)

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A0A0S2Z453_HUMAN, Fragment, MADS box transcription enhancer factor 2, polypeptide A,

Homo sapiens
A0A178VAV2A0A178VAV2_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
YCL067CA0A1S7HM56_9SACH, HMLalpha2_A, MATALPHA2_A (YCR039C, YCL067CSaccharomyces cerevisiae
A1JVI8A1JVI8_MOUSEMus musculus
A1Z913A1Z913_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
A1Z916A1Z916_DROME, Achintya, isoform C, Achintya, isoform DDrosophila melanogaster
A2X7K8A2X7K8_ORYSIOryza sativa
Oryza sativa Indica Group
A4IFQ3A4IFQ3_BOVINHomo sapiens
A4QPC8A4QPC8_MOUSEMus musculus
A8KA13A8KA13_HUMAN, B-cell CLL/lymphoma 6, member B, BCL6B, cDNA FLJ16548 fis,

Homo sapiens
A8X4D9A8X4D9_CAEBRCaenorhabditis briggsae
A8XJN7A8XJN7_CAEBRCaenorhabditis briggsae
A9RC32A9RC32_PHYPAPhyscomitrella patens
A9RGN0A9RGN0_PHYPA, Fragment, Predicted proteinPhyscomitrella patens
A9RZ73A9RZ73_PHYPAPhyscomitrella patens
A9S898A9S898_PHYPAPhyscomitrella patens
A9T5V8A9T5V8_PHYPA, Fragment, Predicted proteinPhyscomitrella patens
A9TDF9A9TDF9_PHYPAPhyscomitrella patens
A9TN45A9TN45_PHYPA, Fragment, Predicted proteinPhyscomitrella patens
A9TZG0A9TZG0_PHYPA, Fragment, Predicted proteinPhyscomitrella patens
A9TZW5A9TZW5_PHYPA, Fragment, Predicted proteinPhyscomitrella patens
A9U3V6A9U3V6_PHYPAPhyscomitrella patens
A9Z1E8A9Z1E8_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
P29555ABDA_DROMEDrosophila melanogaster
P09087ABDB_DROME, Homeobox protein abdominal-B, IAB-7, Infraabdominal 7, P3, PH189Drosophila melanogaster
P14164ABF1_YEAST, ARS-binding factor 1, Bidirectionally acting factor 1, DNA replication

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Q02486ABF2_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Q01593ABI3_ARATH, B3 domain-containing transcription factor ABI3, Protein ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE 3Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9SJN0ABI5_ARATH, AtbZIP39, AtDPBF1, bZIP transcription factor 39, Dc3 promoter-binding factor

Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9FGF8ABR1_ARATH, Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ABR1, Protein ABA REPRESSOR 1Arabidopsis thaliana
P40535ACA2_YEAST, ATF/CREB activator 2, Chromosome stability protein CST6Saccharomyces cerevisiae
P21192ACE2_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P07248ADR1_YEASTSaccharomyces cerevisiae
P22149Activator of iron transcription protein 1, AFT1_YEAST, Iron-regulated transcriptional activator

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Q08957Activator of iron transcription protein 2, AFT2_YEAST, Iron-regulated transcriptional activator

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
P17839AG_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
P29381Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL1, AGL1_ARATH, Protein SHATTERPROOF 1Arabidopsis thaliana
Q38837AGL13_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q38847AGL15_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
A2RVQ5AGL16_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9AT76Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL27, AGL27_ARATH, MADS box FLC1-like nuclear protein,

Arabidopsis thaliana
P29383Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL3, AGL3_ARATH, Protein SEPALLATA 4Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9FIS1AGL42_ARATH, MADS-box protein AGL42, Protein AGAMOUS-LIKE 42, Protein FOREVER YOUNG

Arabidopsis thaliana
P29386AGL6_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q9SA07Agamous-like MADS-box protein AGL63, AGL63_ARATH, Protein GORDITAArabidopsis thaliana
Q8LPN5AHL12_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q8GWQ2AHL20_ARATHArabidopsis thaliana
Q6DBQ1AHL25_ARATH, AT-hook motif nuclear-localized protein 25, AT-hook protein of GA

Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9LES3ABA-responsive element-binding protein 3, ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE 5-like protein 2, AI5L2_ARATH,

Arabidopsis thaliana


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