Database 'EEADannot 2018-05-24' (DNA Binding Motifs 1-50)

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MYB31AT1G74650.1myAACCACCwmArabidopsis thaliana
NACAT3G12910.1TCTCCksCAGsArabidopsis thaliana
LEAFYAT5G61850.1wdrwCCAayGGwCmAwawwArabidopsis thaliana
VRN1AY750993CCarAAAwGGHordeum vulgare cv Strider
CONS1CONS_ARATHTGTGnnATGArabidopsis thaliana
CONS2CONS_ARATHTGTGnnnATGArabidopsis thaliana
NF_COCONS_ARATHaaCCAcaaArabidopsis thaliana
FOXJ3FOXJ3yrcTGTTTAyHomo sapiens
FOXO3FOXO3GTAAACArsgHomo sapiens
Os02g54160.1, Os01g64790.1AGCmGsCOryza sativa
StCONSTANSlike1StCONSTANSlike1TGTGGTGSolanum tuberosum
OREunknownFhsGGAAAAGywFundulus heteroclitus


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