Database 'ArabidopsisPBM 20140210' (Transcription Factors 1-50)

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AccessionsNamesOrganismsDescription and notes
YAB1AFO, FIL, YAB1Arabidopsis thalianaZn finger (C2C2-YABBY)
AHL25AGF1Arabidopsis thalianaAT-Hook
TGA2AHBP-1B, TGA2Arabidopsis thalianabZIP
AHL20AHL20Arabidopsis thalianaAT-Hook
ANAC46anac046Arabidopsis thalianaNAC
ANAC58anac058Arabidopsis thalianaNAC
ARR11ARR11Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (GARP, B type-ARR)
ARR14ARR14Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (GARP, B type-ARR)
HSFB2AAT-HSFB2AArabidopsis thalianaHSF
HSFC1AT-HSFC1Arabidopsis thalianaHSF
bZIP60ATBZIP60Arabidopsis thalianabZIP
ATERF1ATERF-1Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (ERF)
ATHB12ATHB-12, ATHB12Arabidopsis thalianaHD (HD-ZIPI)
ICU4ATHB-15, ATHB15, CNA, ICU4Arabidopsis thalianaHD (HD-ZIPIII)
ATHB51ATHB51, LMI1Arabidopsis thalianaHD (HD-ZIPI)
MYB46ATMYB46Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (R2R3)
MYB52ATMYB52, BW52Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (R2R3)
ANAC55ANAC055, ATNAC3Arabidopsis thalianaNAC
ZAT6C2H2, CZF2, ZAT6Arabidopsis thalianaZn finger (C2H2)
CCA1CCA1Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (Myb-related)
DDF1DDF1Arabidopsis thaliana
Arabidopsis lyrata
DEAR3DEAR3Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (DREB)
DREB2CAtERF48, DREB2CArabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (DREB)
ERF1ATERF1, ERF1Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (ERF)
ETTARF3, ETTArabidopsis thalianaB3 (ARF)
GATA12GATA12Arabidopsis thalianaZn finger (C2C2-GATA)
GLK1GPRI1Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (GARP, G2)
WOX13ATWOX13, HB-4, WOX13Arabidopsis thalianaHD (WUS-like)
KAN1KAN, KAN1Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (GARP, G2)
KAN4ATS, KAN4Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (GARP, G2)
LBD16ASL18, LBD16Arabidopsis thalianaLOB/AS2
MYB111ATMYB111, MYB111, PFG3Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (R2R3)
MYB55MYB55Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (R2R3)
MYB59ATMYB59-3, MYB59Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (R2R3)
ORA47ORA47Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (DREB)
PIF3PAP3, PIF3, POC1Arabidopsis thalianabHLH
DEAR4DEAR4, RAP2.10Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (DREB)
RAP2.3ATEBP, ERF72, RAP2.3Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (ERF)
RAP2.6RAP2.6Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (ERF)
TOE1RAP2.7Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (AP2)
REM1ATREM1, REM1Arabidopsis thalianaB3 (REM)
RRTF1RRTF1Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (ERF)
RVE1RVE1Arabidopsis thalianaMYB (Myb-related)
SPL1SPL1Arabidopsis thalianaSBP
SPL7SPL7Arabidopsis thalianaSBP
STY1SRS1, STY1Arabidopsis thalianaSRS
TOE2TOE2Arabidopsis thalianaAP2/EREBP (AP2)
WRKY18ATWRKY18, WRKY18Arabidopsis thalianaWRKY
WRKY38ATWRKY38, WRKY38Arabidopsis thalianaWRKY


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