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20/06/2017 Updated interface annotations
04/05/2017 Added SMILE-seq motifs
25/04/2017 FASTA files of transcription factors available for download (see blog)
22/03/2017 Updated UniPROBE
21/12/2016 Updated 3D-footprint
19/10/2016 Check our new tutorial
28/06/2016 Added Athaliana cistrome motifs
27/05/2016 Added HumanTF2 with 663 motifs from TF heterodimers from Jolma et al
04/01/2016 Updated JASPAR to 2016 version

Current version of footprintDB includes:

  • 7553 Transcription Factors (TFs, 5837 unique)
  • 9817 Position Specific Scoring Matrices (PSSMs, PWMs or DBMs, 9217 unique)
  • 24714 DNA Binding Sites (DBSs, 21389 unique)
extracted from the literature and other repositories.

The binding interfaces of (most) proteins in the database are inferred from the collection of protein-DNA complexes described in 3D-footprint.

footprintDB predicts:

  1. Transcription factors which bind a specific DNA site or motif
  2. DNA motifs or sites likely to be recognized by a specific DNA-binding protein

As summarized in the schema:
footprintDB working schema
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