23/11/2021 Updated motif & FASTA downloads (see blog)
23/11/2021 Updated EEADannot database, which contains selected plant motifs and sites manually curated at EEAD-CSIC
19/11/2021 Updated server, HTTPS enabled
03/02/2021 Updated 3dfootprint & interfaces
02/12/2020 Curated motifs VRN1, CONS1, CONS2, StCONSTANSlike1 used in doi:10.1016/j.cj.2020.07.008
21/10/2020 Command-line client at GitHub

The data are regularly curated from public databases and the literature; interfaces are inferred from the collection of protein-DNA complexes at 3D-footprint:

total unique metazoa plants
Transcription Factors 9472 7169 4713 1148
DNA motifs (PSSM) 13798 7763 7763 1994
DNA Binding Sites/Sequences 35164

footprintDB predicts:

  1. Transcription factors which bind a specific DNA site or motif
  2. DNA motifs or sites likely to be recognized by a specific DNA-binding protein
footprintDB working schema
footprintDB Search footprintDB Tutorial


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